Joan H Walker Photography | Editing, Viewing and Ordering

Image Editing, Viewing & Ordering


Joan H Walker Photography LLC is delighted to provide you with a truly luxury portrait experience.  We will carefully guide you through every step of the process from planning the photo session to gracing your walls with the most meaningful, brilliantly beautiful artwork you've ever seen.  We can't express just how much we love seeing our clients' reactions to viewing images for the first time. Presenting your images to you in person allows us to help you make informed decisions about the many different stunning presentation possibilities we offer and how best to present the images you've selected in your home.  This is why we do not offer an on-line digital gallery but, rather, present your images in person at our studio.  Enjoy a specialty coffee beverage on us while viewing your image, which we hope you will find to be a relaxing and deliciously enjoyable experience.


Within approximately two weeks of your session date, your fully-edited, photographer's choice images will be available for viewing and ordering.  Prior to your image viewing appointment, you will be given a copy of our studio's exclusive "ideas and inspirations" notebook.  This packet includes a notepad in which to make notes as you walk through your home to help you decide what size images you'd like to display, what type of art pieces you're interested in, and record questions you might have about lighting, surfaces or the best way to maximize the presentation of wall pieces in your home.  You also will receive a custom, dimension chart, so that you can better estimate sizes and configurations of wall art in your home, as well as an up-to-date price and product information sheet, a detailed wall art information brochure, as well as other other studio information that we think you'll find helpful.


Viewing your images, answering specific art product and dimension questions, and putting together your final order takes approximately two hours; however, these sessions have been to take longer with larger orders and much shorter with clients who know precisely what they want.  Please know that we will not be rushing you and that we will be scheduling you for the appropriate amount of time.  So please relax, take your time, and ask questions.  This is why we present the images in person and not online.


We require that clients place their orders with us at the end of the in person image viewing session, as we do not post online galleries of image proofs.  Payment for the order will be collected at the ordering session with delivery of the art pieces within 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of piece ordered and the design work necessary.  We accept cash, personal checks and credit cards and we can arrange personal payment plans as well, so please don't hesitate to ask.