Joan H Walker Photography | Professional Photographers of North Carolina 2017 Print Competition

Professional Photographers of North Carolina 2017 Print Competition

August 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

Morehead City, NC Photographer Wins at State Competition | 15 Awarded Images | 1st Place Portrait of a Woman 

The Professional Photographers of North Carolina held it's annual print competition August 5th in Durham, NC. The results are in and I had 15 images awarded with a 1st place in Portrait of a Woman, and multiple additional placings in several different categories. 

The following are the winning images with a little information about each one.

"Watching His Taillights Disappear" -- 1st Place, Portrait of a Woman

This image was taken on a sultry, early fall day in Camden, Alabama as the sun was setting over the horizon. 

"My Berlin ~ 93 Years" -- 3rd Place, Portrait of a Woman

I met Edith in Berlin and was able to talk with her about her life in Germany, surviving WWII, her work as a nurse during the war, finding herself and her family on the wrong side of the wall, her joy when the wall came down and Germany was reunified. I photographed her in window light and then photographed the Berlin Wall from the West, looking East, at sunrise. 

"Boys Unlatched" -- 2nd Place, Photojournalism

This image was taken while on assignment for a travel article in New Delhi, India. The title comes from the fact that the boys have unlatched their back door and the man who is pedding the bicycle powered school bus is on to the boys--you can see him looking back at the children.

"Guardian of the Ancients" -- Honorable Mention, Photojournalism

This image was taken for a travel feature story in a magazine. I was standing in the temple in 100+ degrees heat in Egypt. The temple guard was standing in the light of the opening of the temple. I saw a blonde, Westerner approching the temple entrance and I new the guard would turn to look at her. One shot. This is it.

"Heavy Load to Bear" -- Honorable Mention, Photojournalism

Taken as part of an assignment in India, this image was captured while I was hanging out of a horse-pulled carriage in Agra, India.

"Night Gathers and Now My Watch Begins" -- Court of Honor, Highest Scoring Portrait of a Man

This image is a portrait of my (now) son-in-law. He wanted something special when he finished his last tour in the Marine Corps. This was taken in the studio using a fog machine behind him.

"Pink Lady Slipper Orchid" -- Court of Honor, Fine Art/Pictorial

This image is part of a series of fine art images I am working on for a notecard series. I grow orchids and had the opportunity to photograph winning orchids at a show in Norfolk, Virginia, two years in a row. This is the orchid that I photographed, painted a a background and added a tin-type overlay to the background.

"Ready to Unfurl" -- 3rd Place, Fine Art/Pictorial

This image of a fern leaf preparing to unfurl was taken in June in Hilo, Hawai'i while I was staying at the Shipman House. Interesting fact: I am part Hawaiian (princess!) and my father's side of the family has lived in Hawaii since 1820. (Of course, the Hawaiian royalty was there for much longer, LOL). My family tries to travel back to visit with family and friends as often as we can.

"This Lasso's for You" -- Court of Honor, Photojournalism

This image was taken as part of a photo/article feature in a local Morehead City magazine. (Coastal Living on the Pointe) This roper was competing in the rodeo that was held in Newport on July 21/22. I'm a huge fan of rodeos and horses--been riding since I could walk, I believe--and still have a horse (who will be 23 in the fall). I will be entering more of my equine art in the next competition.
Another note: I have two studios--one is fine portrait (Joan H Walker Photography) and the other is my equine and dog imagery (but I photograph every species) and it is called "Woof Tracks Photography ~ Equine and Dog Imagery).

"Tropical Reflections" -- Court of Honor, Fine Art/Pictorial

This image was taken at the private, Shipman Plantation on the Big Island of Hawai'i. The Shipmans and the Hustace/Ward/Magoons (my ancestry from Hawai'i) have been friends for many, many generations and still are today.
For this image, I did a shutter drag, moving the camera from top to bottom so that it created a watercolor type effect, but you can still make out the palm fronds on the trees and the reflections in the freshwater pond below.

"Veined Disdain" -- 2nd Place, Fine Art/Pictorial

The second orchid image I took for my fine art notecard series. I photographed these winning Paphiopedelums and painted the background.

"Walk of Memories" -- 3rd Place, Bride and Groom Together

This image was captured of my parents in the Holy Ghost Church in Heidelberg, Germany, as they walked back up the aisle for the first time since they had been married 50 years before. I stood at the back of the church as I didn't want to interrupt this beautiful moment. And then I realized that they would be walking through a beautiful pool of light that would illuminate them. One shot. Handheld at the back of the church. It will forever be one of my favorite images.

"When Irish Eyes are Smiling" -- Court of Honor, Pets & Animals

This is a client image of an AKC Champion Irish Wolfhound named, "Eleanor." The owners are both of Irish descent and the dog is wearing a stunning handmade Celtic collar that the owners one at the Irish Wolfhound nationals last year.
Interesting note: Eleanor was not interested in my arsenal of squeekies and odd noise makers. Nor was she interested in the typical treats BUT she loved bananas.

"You Had Me at... Treat?" -- Court of Honor, Pets & Animals

Oh my goodness I love this little dog. This image was taken for a client and the little dog's name is "Spud." He was named because his rescuers saw something moving in a plastic, grocery bag and thankfully found a little brown puppy, about the size of a potato. Therefore, the name "Spud." He is owned by a wonderful woman who loves him to pieces.

"Your Mother I'll Always Be" -- 3rd Place, Wildlife

When I lived up in Hampton Roads, I volunteered as a photographer for the Virginia Aquarium and would go out on their boats all the time to photograph dolphin dorsal fins for identification and recording which dolphins were coming back to the area, which ones had survived another year, etc. (ID'ing humpback whales in the winter was a bit more rugged--ice on the decks, fiercely cold winds, etc., and they were identified by their flukes.)
Anyway, this image was of a mother and her juvenile offspring and she was literally coaching her little guy how to jump in the wake of the boat. She would watch him carefully and they would hold or touch pectoral fins with every jump--just as a mother would hold her child's hand when crossing a street. :)


Joanna Cumbo(non-registered)
Beautiful and powerful images, all thought and emotion provoking. Each one invites you in and to wonder about the story. :)
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